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It started with a culturally curious wāhinepreneur

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Weaving traditional practice into modern coworking success  

Our approach to coworking innovation is tribe centric and technology inspired. It’s about creating a higher consciousness of distilled tribal values from diverse communities, placing mana or integrity at the heart of success and curating space and technology as enablers.

Evolution of Coworking

While New Zealand coworking spaces have been around since 2009 coworking is not a new term. The first books praising the power of coworking, were already published in 1628. Yet they only admired the coworking power of God and its representatives.  

The concept changed over the following 400 hundred years into what it is today: a representation of working independently, but together. Ironically most coworkers work as their own ‘God’ but also as individuals and collectives who share common values. In 1903, Frank Lloyd Wright designed the first ever open plan office for Larkin Administration in Buffalo, New York. Throughout the following century, the office space took on many guises. The ensuing years offered everything from factory floor-like offices, drab beige cubicles and modern open-plan spaces. But throughout the design changes of the 20th century, businesses typically still operated the same way. Workers would arrive at their company’s office in the morning, sit at their desk and work either alone or with their team and then set off home somewhere around 5 or 6 o’clock.

Then in the early 2000’s the advent of innovative coworking spaces changed everything.

2006: The Coworking Wiki started in San Francisco. One of the co-founders was Chris Messina, the guy who created the Twitter hashtag
2007: For the first time, the term ‘coworking’ was seen as a trend on Google's database
2008: More than 160 coworking spaces worldwide
2009: NZ’s first coworking spaces setup by BizDojo
2010: More than 600 coworking spaces existed worldwide
2012: More than 2,000 coworking spaces worldwide
2013: More than 3,000 coworking spaces worldwide
2016: INNOV8HQ coworking space opens in Dunedin and is Aotearoa's first business marae
2017: INNOV8HQ 1st Birthday - 13,000 people used INNOV8HQ for co-working; events, training, residency and hot-desking.  33% of resident businesses doubled in size.
2018: More than 18,900 co-working spaces worldwide with 1.69M members. More than 20 co-working spaces across NZ with more than 300 members.  15,000 people have now used INNOV8HQ for co-working; events, training, residency and hot-desking. 10 resident businesses representing 9 sectors onboard.
More than 35,000 co-working spaces worldwide using 48 million square meters of flexible space with a global market value of around $40 billion NZD. 19,000
people have now used INNOV8HQ for co-working; events, training, residency and hot-desking. 12 resident businesses representing 11 sectors onboard, strategic entry of corporate regional teams from DATACOM and 2degrees. 50% of residents reporting double digit growth rate within first 18 months of occupation.
COVID 19 - the global impact has far reaching effects and flexible working is paramount for enabling business continuity

Now workers across the planet have the freedom and flexibility to work where they want, when they want, and how they want, with the ability to work alone or collaboratively.

In 2016 INNOV8HQ’s founder Heidi Renata identified a direct correlation between ritual of encounters and likelihood of success within a coworking environment. She found that by deconstructing traditional Māori tikanga or protocol for the modern coworking environment there was significant improvements in recruitment, engagement, innovation and retention. Hallmarks of sustainable business growth.

The INNOV8HQ model continues to evolve with the support of its founders, residents, tribal members, partners and community around the world.

This is our story. Mauri Ora

Meet the leaders | Nga kaiārahi

Heidi Renata

Chief Energy Officer | Kaiwhakahaere Matua  


Made in 75, Heidi Renata is the Founder, Chief Energy Officer of INNOV8HQ and reputable keynote speaker, whose illustrious career spans over 20 years, with 13 years at the forefront of technology in the ICT sector. Renowned as the Curious Wāhinepreneur was born and raised in the small South Otago settlement of Milton, Heidi, most commonly known as Heid's, was the sporty chatterbox at school, her ambition in life was to find a career path that enabled her to socialise and travel the globe with intent to bring positive impact to business and communities.

Steven Renata

Director | Kaitohu and  Heidi’s Strategic Conscious


Made in 66, "Big bro" Steve is eldest of the Renata whanau siblings and key shareholder of INNOV8HQ. Steven is an avid supporter of whanau wellness, entrepreneurship and cultural intelligence. As a Business Development expert and Director he brings two decades of experience through ownership and positions in global and national organisations. He was a founding shareholder of Les Mills International and is now the current CEO and co-owner of KIWA Digital, a global trans-media company based in Auckland New Zealand.

The best of both worlds

As siblings from a proud blended family with Pakeha and Māori ancestry, our family philosophy was to work hard, stand up for what you believe in and be gracious in all that you do. Having grown up as children of the 60s and 70s, we inherently lived dual lives not always comfortable in one or the other, but unconsciously searching for the authentic blend.

After travelling the world for two decades and settling back in Aotearoa we could sense the shifts; colony to nation, western world view to TeAo Māori world view, adults to guardians and employees to employers.

Armed with new sense of duality we’ve embarked on designing and delivering an innovative coworking model that will help navigate the future.

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