Nau mai haere mai, we are really excited to officially invite you to join Mana Rangatahi, a youth tribe & movement for people aged between 16-24yrs, who would love 'have a voice' to inspire change in the world. Your input today (in times where COVID has changed the way we behave and live), reinforces that your ideas, actions and talents will and can have a profound and empowering impact now and on our lives 2020 - PC (post COVID).

Question for you: If you could make a wish and have it granted to help you and the world right now, what would it be? (have a think about it & bring it to the group) :)

So why did we call this Mana Rangatahi?

Mana - represented by the influence, effect you will and can have on others when you stand true to who you are.

Rangatahi - youth & we want young ones from all backgrounds, walks of life. You're our legends and leaders of tomorrow and your voice counts.

Being entrepreneurial - (it's in true essence) - is all about, being an activator/creator and enabler for change and being able to back your cause and doing it. Everything starts with a feeling or a thought and then having the belief and support mechanisms to move forward with it and that 'f.a.i.l' can be redefined as "first attempt in learning".

During this extraordinary moment in history, where our lives have had a 'forced pause', amazing responses have come to life here and around the world. Although this may feel a little scary right now, now more than ever, collectively we can install a newfound energy and focus to make a difference in how we build our ambitions for our whanau, friends and communities.

This FREE programme is in partnership with Startup Dunedin and the Ministry of Youth Development and was created and is being led by Heidi Renata - Co-Founder of INNOV8HQ, a curious wāhinepreneur and business owner/mentor - providing a platform of chat/korero on how to 'live your legend' - acknowledge and live your passion.

You may have 'no idea' what you want to do, it might be the one thing you've always loved doing or being, but have been afraid to share it, show or do it, so you have stopped or silenced it. With greater understanding of why you should explore this, could activate a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for you (discovering your superpower) - yeah you got one and we all need it right now!

Plus you'll discover new members of your tribe and movement of youth and supporters, including Heidi's youth tribe and supporters who will support you now and beyond.

So...... if you are young person aged between 16 - 24 years of age who has always had a dream or idea, but potentially didn't think you 'had enough' to be able to do anything, then this is the perfect conversation for you to attend.

If you're keen to join us, we'd love to have you - all you need to do is click here to join our Mana Rangatahi Facebook group.

Please note, if you are struggling during this time, please contact Youthline, they are specialists in supporting you through these challenging times!!! But don't forget - we love you, keep going!!!

"Dont let anyone tell you that you can't do something, because you can and you will".  Heidi Renata

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