Mana Rangatahi

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Ko wai tātou? What does it mean to be Mana Rangatahi?

= (noun) prestige, authority, control, power, influence, status, spiritual power, charisma - mana is a supernatural force in a person, place or object.

Rangatahi = (verb) to be young. (noun) younger generation, youth.

Nau mai haere mai, welcome aboard the Mana Rangatahi waka.

He aha e Mana Rangatahi? What is Mana Rangatahi?
It is a youth leadership and entrepreneurship programme based on applying bicultural practice, critical thinking and resilience based activities for the modern work environment for youth aged between 18-24 years.

This approach focuses on re-establishing life skills aligning these with career ambitions and related skill pathways in conjunction with developing a highly skilled and ambitious workforce.

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Ko wai te mea tenei hoki? Who is it for? Why people love Mana Rangatahi?

Who we are and what we do are best described by what it means for our youth, rangatahi. We prefer they tell you how they feel. Feel free to watch the videos of our graduates/tuakana and alumni, or check out our rangatahi led INNOV8HQ-TV by clicking here

Me pehea e mahi i te reira?
How does it work? 
What is our unique foundation?

Mana Rangatahi (MR) is a youth programme (aged 18-24yrs) developed in January 2020 by Heidi Renata, Co-founder and CEO of INNOV8HQ.

The foundation element of the MR programme is the Ko wai au? | Who am I? framework. This deep process enables participants to unlock their cultural identity, fears, innate ambitions and natural capabilities as they design future pathways. The programme enables participants to identify and co-design their personal brand/identity, alongside contribution from their peers to pursue one of four pathways, including:

- Being your Own Boss - Entrepreneurship-self-employment
- Being Career ready - employment preparation/ job placement
- Being curious to learn more, up-skill - explores further education and training.
- Becoming a Global Youth Leader and Ambassador

INNOV8HQ's network of Mana Rangatahi has an ambition to become a national role model for rangatahi success outcomes, inspired by collaborative relationships and initiatives.

Since it launched in 2020, despite the COVID disruption, we have supported over 135 rangatahi to progress to their desired pathways. This includes a growing alumni and network of tuakana, youth leaders and ambassadors with the support of our partnerships with esteemed community organisations and business leaders around Aotearoa and the world.

How is it delivered?

Program facilitation in micro sessions both in person and online, based on being exposed to real world experiences. We introduce and immerse the participants in real workplace and business experiences, this includes community projects, initiatives and events with local leaders and ambassadors. We are delighted to provide all participants of our programme with the new Mana Rangatahi Kete app, that is a digital handbook and resource that you can use and keep (free) for life.

An integral part of the success of Mana Rangatahi for leadership development is based on applying a tuakana-teina (older sibling - younger sibling) teacher/learning model designed by youth for youth.

This has driven the desire to co-design a community event themed Journeys of Influence, where our rangatahi, youth can gain exposure to peers and intergenerational leaders doing inspiring mahi, work.

Our Community Partnerships for Programme Delivery.

We are delighted to have partnered with Transition to Work Trust to extend our reach to youth throughout the Otago region in 2022 and beyond.

What advantages can partnering with Mana Rangatahi bring to youth organisations, or education providers?

I. acquisition and retention of new/or students at risk, who choose to stay or upgrade in education to up-skill with a renewed sense of appreciating education through real world application
II.  accelerated pathway development for employment, in higher skilled roles
III. retention of employees who are driven to develop their career pathways
IV. collaborative associations enhance the experience and outcomes for youth, win-win for all

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