KONAKI connect
Creating the Konaki network for your future”

Innov8HQ announces the launch of  "Konaki Connect 5"  a new networking approach for SMEs. Our SME research over the last 18 months shows that creating new and diverse relationships is a key driver for growth and sustainability.  The biggest challenge SMEs face is scarcity of time, trust, and resource to engage with other businesses and mentors.

The Konaki Connect 5 approach is based on data-led qualification and authentic engagement with a minimum of 5 others.  We map your profile, aspirations, business style and create experiences that are safe, timely and value-added. Laced with local manaakitanga (noun) hospitality, kindness and whanaungatanga (noun); a relationship through shared experiences you’ll soon be building a network for long term success.

Konaki Connect has a growing network of clients, mentors, investors and business partners to access and become part of something bigger. Additionally there’s even more to this approach.

For as little as $3/day Konaki Connect 5 membership provides;Access to all Innov8HQ hosted meetups and events  Access to weekly online sessions with a Business Mentor (once per week) In addition to this, your monthly subscription gives you access to:2 days per month to utilise a hot deskor 2 hours per month meeting room access Perfect for when you need a change of pace and space  to flourish when with other like-minded people. Haere

Mai ki Konaki Connect 5 – Welcome to Konaki Connect 5